Relocation services for southwest Germany

Relocating to a new country is without a doubt a life-changing experience. In those times of challenges and struggles we need personal guidance to smooth out the rough edges, such as in setting up living arrangements, navigating bureaucratic hurdles, finding childcare and even joining a social group.

Finding a new home

Home is where the heart is, anywhere in the world. Let me help you to find the right place in beautiful southwest Germany.

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An orientation tour will help you to find your perfect palce to live

Orientation tours

I will organize short- and long-term rental in Kirchheim/Teck and southwest Germany

Short- and long-term rentals

I'll help you to buy a house in the region

Buying a home

I will help you to find the best renovation services

Renovation assistance

Set up your new life

There are so many details when you move, and a few more than that when it’s out of the country – wouldn’t it be nice if someone thought of everything right from the start?

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Arranging appointments with government offices

Appointments with government offices

I will translate important documents for you and help with interpretation onsite

Translation and interpreting

I will organize your driving license for Germany

Driver’s license

I will help you to choose the fitting health care provider

Health care providers

I will help you to choose the fitting insurances for home contents and liability

Homeowner/rental and liability insurance

I will help you to find service providers for cleaning and other home services

Home service contractors

I will help you to find English speaking doctors and lawyers

English-speaking doctors and lawyers

Taking care of family

Moving anywhere is no fun if your family isn’t adjusting. I will help your partner and children, so that they can orient themselves in their new environment.

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Babysitting and daycare

Babysitting and daycare

Schools and kindergarten (private and public)

Selecting a kindergarten and/or school

Consulting on child benefits

Assistance with applications for child benefits

Trailing spouse support

Trailing spouse support

Explore the neighborhood

The Swabian Alb is home to incredible landscapes and medieval castles – there’s always something to discover! 

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Accommodation in the Swabian Alb


Local cuisine and restaurants

Regional cuisine

Meet locals and buy their art and hand craft

Local arts and crafts

Sight seeing in the nature

Natural attractions

Tours in the Swabian Alb

Guided hiking and biking

Free climbing and kayaking in the beautiful nature of the Swabian Alb

Climbing and kayaking

Dive into German culture

Understanding cultural differences is essential in fostering connections with colleagues, other parents or neighbors. I will help you to find your way around German society and integrate yourself as smoothly as possible into professional and private life.

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German language training

German language training

Cultural training

Cultural training

Social networking

Social networking